What to wear to a new year party 2019

There comes a time to say goodbye to the year 2018, yellow dog, and celebrate the new year-the year 2019 Yellow Earth pig. Need a new approach to the selection of evening dresses.

Need to bring a festive mood, and, of course, a nice outfit! And let our tips will help you be the most beautiful on this solemn celebration!

Yellow became the trend 2018, any yellow dress will be relevant. Yellow is the color of the symbol of the coming year — Yellow Earth pig. That is why all the designers recommend to wear yellow outfit.

Yellow is the color of the Sun, symbol of dawn, new day, new features, and, of course, the color of joy. Let it help to start your success in the year 2019, and create mood this evening.

Depending on the location of the celebration, you can choose an easy or more warm clothes. Home fit air chiffon option for those planning to walk, should choose warm knit yellow dress. And the girls in a restaurant, it is worth to put an elegant evening cocktail dress from a dense fabric. This may be a lush floor dresses, stylish form-fitting dresses with pencil skirt, close-fitting models with bare shoulders and skirt-Sun.

Glitter spray, golden thread-everything that relates to shine today in the trend. Therefore, a golden shine would be relevant in any interpretation.

Very impressive look dresses with Lurex. So many options! However, in addition to the Golden shine, you can buy an outfit and with a silver, blue, purple, pink glitter.

Do not forget about returning 90 ‘s trends, special gels for hair with glitter, crumbly brilliant shades for eyes and body manicure with glitter.

An excellent complement to this bright image will be silver or gold shoes. Therefore, in the selection of attire: a black dress with gold metallic fibers, Golden shoes, hair in a high hairdo, and glitter on the skin or in the shade.

In addition to dresses, you can also select other things with glitter: easy tunic with Lurex, sweatshirts, t-shirts, but combine them better with dark, solid bottom.

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