What to wear to a girl on Valentine’s day

A woman must look good and feel beautiful and cherished always, but especially with regard to holidays. Valentine’s day is a special date, regardless of whether you have a significant other, because above all, 14 February-this celebration of love in all its manifestations.
You can dedicate an evening to friends, family or a gorgeous evening for itself, but in any case, you need to look perfect. Choose a better image in advance to be hundred percent confident in own irresistibility in gala evening. To make it easier for you to decide, we have created for you a compilation of the six ideas for three different options for Valentine’s day!

Ideas for Valentine’s day
Premeditated image detail will help you feel your self-confidence throughout the evening, therefore, about the choice of attire is worth taking care beforehand.

Situation #1-a date with the person you love
Perhaps the most traditional and pleasant option on February 14, this is the perfect time to demonstrate its elegance, femininity and sexuality. Of course, we will use the main women’s arms-dress. Current fashion trends provide fashion unprecedented freedom of choice for a romantic evening, we recommend:

– Long velvet dress deep shades
Remember that men love mystery and puzzles, and a long skirt is intrigue and almost a provocation. Wearing high-heeled shoes and a long velvet dress you will look royally solemnly and mysteriously. Such models-what is needed for high girls, flowing folds conceal defects shapes, and exciting play of velvet-emphasize the advantages.

Long Red dress

Sure version for girls of any type of appearance-red color, which, moreover, will be combined with the entire festive paraphernalia. In a bright red dress, you can be sure that your man doesn’t put its view of the entire evening. Ideal for dating this model lack of length cutout dresses offset by bright shade and exciting cut on the skirt, while French knitwear is designed to highlight all the curves of your body.

Situation # 2-hike in the Club with friends 14 February
Usually, in this holiday pass unforgettable parties and festive atmosphere significantly increases the chances of finding your soul mate. To be the most stylish and bright on the dance floor this evening, you should pay attention to the following models:
-Short velvet dress with lacing on the chest
And again the main velvet-favorite 2018 onwards, its softness and rich texture is ideal for the main purpose of this evening is to draw attention to themselves and be irresistible. Coquette lace-up combined with long sleeves evokes thoughts of the noble ladies of bygone eras.


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