Washing windows at height

Washing windows at height is an activity that requires the involvement of a specialized company equipped with appropriate equipment to protect employees. This service applies not only to windows, but also to other glazed surfaces – elements of the facade, roof and terrace. Window cleaning at heights can be done from the ground using suitable long cleaning devices, using a crane or so-called climbing, that is, using rope scaffolding.

How much does it cost to clean windows

The cost of cleaning a window is not prohibitive, but there can be significant price differences between offers from several professionals. If we choose one contractor who does the cleaning every day, we are likely to pay less than a large cleaning company. Window cleaning is usually rated based on the number of windows to be washed. We will pay about $ 10-15 for cleaning a single sash window. Double, triple or balcony windows will be associated with a higher cost, around $ 17-25.

Window cleaning services in New York City

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