Traditional Wedding Dresses Sotho review



Traditional African Bridal Wear – each dress individually made to incorporate the dress with bolera jacket and hat Shifting Sands Traditional African Sotho.  Ntabiseng is originally from Sotho heritage, and got wed into a Venda family. The complete wedding was held in two parts.

Much about Sotho apparel is the same as the apparel of people in Europe and the United States. However, the most acceptable form of clothing for a woman is still the dress, and her hair is expected to be covered with a scarf, head cloth, or hat. The Sotho of Lesotho are identified with the brightly colored blankets that they often wear instead of coats. These blankets have designs picturing everything from airplanes to crowns to geometric patterns. The blankets are store-bought—there is no tradition of making them locally.

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