Top 3 Deals by Sears

Sears is one of the most famous departmental stores in the country. In this store, you can find everything from household products to clothing and footwear. If your kitchen needs an upgrade, your toolset needs to be complete, or you need the perfect outfit for special occasions, Sears is the place to visit. Sears also deals in auto care products, so if you need to change your car’s engine oil, this is the perfect solution to your problem. And above all, you can use various coupons to get these products at a discounted price. We have found various Sears coupons on different websites and have explained some of these Sears coupons in this article.

$20 off
This coupon is available on the Groupon website. For utilizing this coupon, you have to enter the promo code “9700085402768259” at the checkout. You can use this coupon when you purchase products worth $150 on the website of Sears, and you can get a $20 discount on your total billing amount.

$30 cashback
This coupon is available on the RetailMeNot website. With this coupon, you can get a cashback of $10 on purchases worth $150, and on the purchase price of $350, you can get cashback worth $30. This coupon code is valid for online purchases only. However, you can combine this deal with other offers to get better discounts on your purchase. This cashback deal is not applicable on gift cards offered by Sears. Your purchase price should meet the limit of $150 or $350 before the application of taxes, shipping, and other charges.

$10 off
With this coupon code, you can get a discount of $10 on a billing amount of $100, either online or at the Sears outlet. You can find this coupon on RetailMeNot’s website. This coupon may include clearance products too. There are many exclusions of this coupon which means you cannot use it for various products like televisions, watches, air conditioners, Bose products, etc.

Just like Sears deals in everything from household products to appliances, there is another store that deals in beauty products of various kinds. The name of this store is Sephora. If you’re looking for Sears coupons, you may also come across Sephora coupons. According to some of these Sephora coupons, you can get an extra 65% discount on sale items. Thus, you’re sure to find great deals if you visit some coupon websites before making a purchase.


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