Tips on choosing a school outfits

Girls will need skirts, dresses, tunics, pants and jackets, and for boys jacket, pants and vest with tie. For practicing outdoors during warm time will need a lightweight suit of trousers or leggings with sports t-shirt, and in the winter time in the Hall suited shorts and sports tops. Shoes should easily be removed and worn, and for first graders to choose shoes without buckles and laces.

Choose the backpack is better with the child, considering all his wishes and sense of comfort. While trying his best to load books to understand is will use it daily.

Tips for parents preparing their children for school:

• Do not save on school uniforms, because wear such clothing is high, therefore, taking low things, you have to update them more often.
• Be sure to provide a choice for the child and consider his wishes, try to find a compromise between the “beautiful and fashionable” and “practical and convenient.
• Pay attention to the composition and quality of dyeing of yarns to wear jacket on a hot day on a white shirt.
• Don’t buy form end-to-end, but do not select clothes to grow into, and pay attention to the fact that things do not impede movement or pressure on your stomach in the belt.

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