In early January, Adele released the music video for the song “Oh My God” from her fourth studio album. The album was enthusiastically received by both critics and listeners. “Oh My God” is an optimistic song (at least by Adele’s standards). The film, directed in black and white, shows Adele sitting in a studio filled with chairs and apples. As the music video progresses, dancers appear around the singer. The lights used to create the right atmosphere make Adele literally look like Christmas.

At the end of the video, the chair of Adele, who represents a new era, burns down the departure from the marriage. It can also mean a reluctance to sit on uncomfortable chairs … The most important part of the “Oh My God” video is of course the dresses that immediately became iconic.

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Three iconic styles by Adele

Adele’s first styling in the “Oh My God” video is a black column dress with flowing sleeves and a massive bow. Adele styled this dress with her hair in a bun and dangling earrings. The artist finished the make-up with his characteristic cat eye with a strong contour of the cheeks.

The appearance of Adele

Adele’s second appearance in the music video is an A-line dress with a custom bodice. Sources report that it is inspired by the papal stylization of Rihanna from the Met Gala 2018. Attention is drawn to a shiny coat and black long gloves, which in 2022 will begin to dominate street stylizations.

The appearance of Adele

The third and final look is the classic Adele. A black tulle dress with a tailored bodice and transparent long sleeves added drama to the music video. The artist chose his standard make-up, but enhanced it with dark lipstick. A delicate silver necklace and matching earrings complete the look.

The appearance of Adele

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