The smell of memories

I have not always enjoyed cooking. As a teenager, I had no idea. It was only when I realized how important this aspect is for our health and sports careers that I learned to prepare very simple but healthy meals. I love to cook. Combining different products, structures, tastes, smells … I have not always placed much emphasis on the latter. Actually, it just seemed to me.

The older I get, the more I notice how my perspective is constantly expanding. How many things become important over the years, and some completely lose their value. Instead of a perfect, sporty shape, I often choose mornings that smell like plain, sweet porridge with my loved ones. Instead of chasing another project and working late on another – albeit aromatic, but one in a row – black coffee – I focus on sleep and regeneration. I calmly fall asleep after a hot bath with the addition of lavender oil without remorse that I have not finished anything. – I do not need to know the answer to everything, I do not need to do everything myself – I repeat to myself before I fall asleep. The scent of pine oil hangs over my bed. I close my eyes. At that time, images from trips to the Tatras move under my eyelids. I am falling asleep.

Essential oils have extraordinary power. The pine strengthens our immunity and has a warming effect. Lavender calms the nerves, calms down and improves sleep quality. Aromatherapy was known in antiquity, although it was first named in the last century. Fragrances have always played a role in my life, but I only realized it recently. Odor memory is a very interesting topic. We remember some scents all our lives. After many, many years, the smell of baked apple pie is able to take us – through the eyes of the imagination – on tea to grandma’s kitchen.

Excellent I remember when as a little girl I used to reach for my mother’s perfumes, I put on her dresses too big and I drowned in high heels. My older daughter is doing exactly the same thing now. Until recently, there were always a few or even a dozen perfume bottles in my bathroom. I chose a specific fragrance each day, controlled by an impulse, which suggests what awaits me on a given day. I wanted it to match the place, the situation and the events that were still ahead of me that morning. In my opinion, thanks to this, we lock our memories in scents.

I have long been looking for a perfume that really would be mine. Fragrance experts advise you to choose perfumes depending on what you want to achieve. For example, sweet scents are more seductive and notes of citrus give the impression of lightness. Coco Chanel used to say that “there is no elegance without perfume – it is an invisible, unforgettable and unattainable accessory”. I did not feel that way before. I grew up in a sports spirit, I lead an active lifestyle. I have not always understood the French love of intense, elegant perfumes.

Only now have I managed to find, or actually create fragrances that are like a talisman to me, femininity attribute. Scientific research shows that perfumes can affect our well-being in different ways. Day’LightFull and FullMoon’Light by Phlov by Anna Lewandowska were created to accompany women in writing their own stories. That they feel beautiful and sensual. We decided on two scents. One of them is a spring, light citrus refreshment enclosed in a bottle, the other is the delicious and a little scary mystery of rose petals. They are in line with what I do on a daily basis – motivate women to act. That they would be confident and not be afraid to make their dreams come true, go their own way. That they would like to reach for more every day.

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