The best egg donors in Ukraine in our clinic

In vitro fertilization has become a success rate for millions of couples around the world who longed to look into their future through the prism of the diagnosis of “infertility”. In vitro conception allows you to bypass many reproductive problems, so pregnancy can occur even in a seemingly hopeless case. And even if the eggs are not suitable for successful IVF, this is not a reason to get discouraged, because the affordable egg donor program allows you to choose the right genetic material.

Also in our clinic, there is egg donation for the procedure of artificial insemination. The procedure is a completely safe and effective way to circumvent fertility problems.

You should not worry about your health status either – to become a donor, need to undergo a thorough medical examination confirming the absence of diseases: blood tests, examination by a therapist, urologist and psychiatrist, genetic research. Besides, egg donor solutions are also carefully selected. This advanced approach significantly increases the likelihood of obtaining viable embryos that can take root in the uterus.

The female factor of infertility is not yet a reason for despair. Clinic offers a fertility treatment program using an egg donor. We have our donor bank. Say no to cheap treatment – we will help you become happy parents! Come to free consultation right now –

How much does this procedure cost? This question will certainly arise during treatment. Patients should be prepared for the fact that the cost of IVF using biomaterial will increase. Your family will receive professional services and support at a favorable cost, and will also benefit from the advice of qualified professionals. It is better to check the price of donor sperm directly with a reproductologist. It takes into account how much the donor sperm costs when forming the total price for the services of the reproductive center.


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