Sweater fashion trend of the year

Sweater 2018-2019 year. They are flashy, stylish and comfortable. Go unnoticed in such a novelty! In addition, sweaters with throat is practical! They retain heat as much as possible, to protect against strong winds.

Large size hide defects: Disproportionality shape, loose weight, trouble spots, as well as emphasize dignity. These sweaters are incredibly cosy and comfortable to wear. You can choose how long and shortened version. Sweater-dress is one of the most popular things this fall and winter. Welcome large and asymmetrical models. A particularly beautiful look sweater dresses with boots, sweater tunic under jeans or leggings.

Popular patterns might be called geometry and special prints. Predatory Leopard back in fashion! In many collections present rhombuses, stripes and abstraction. With regard to the trendy colors, notice the yellow, mustard, Fuchsia, indigo blue, dusty pink. And trendy fabrics season were cashmere, mohair and plush.

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