Summer Photo Tumblr Bucket List review


Make a sparkler message photo. Bubble painting: Put food dye or paint in bubbles and blow it onto a canvas. Dart balloon painting (Think Princess Diaries) Hi i am gabbie and this is my bucket list for the summer between 2017. This is a secondary blog that i use kinda as a digital photo album! This is our bucket list for the summer.

Start making ideas. It’s best to start early. Begin with things you’ve wanted to do throughout the summer. Did you want to set up an old-fashioned lemonade stand? Did you want to try out new hairstyles? How about fixing up your old clubhouse? They can be simple things, such as buy a new purse, or more complex, such as hand-make a blown glass bowl. Set a goal for how many objects you want on your list, and add more each year! Make them crazy and wild! Think of all sorts of things you wanted to do during the school year but couldn’t, such as spend three days in a row non-stop with your best friend! Once you make your rough draft, set it aside for a few weeks. Don’t read it for a little while. When you come to it, reread each item over again. Feel free to make edits. Doing this will allow you to decide if you like things 100%; sometimes, certain things don’t seem as exciting or enticing as you first thought they would be.

Feel free Submit your summer stories too! Also, we take a picture of me and my friends jumping on the beach. 






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