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With its open ended style Living room all the way to the kitchen, it will look spacious and simple. My small house designs are catered for Filipinos living! House designs and House plans Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. I want a simple house nice sceneries at di daanan ng typhoon. That’s it! Leaders in Residential Architecture, Interior & Exterior Home Design.

Dreaming is good, and it’s vital to have a vision for what you want to achieve, but achieving it will be much more difficult if you are constantly looking for that scrap of paper you thought you left over there.

  • Get a sturdy, cloth-bound graph-ruled notebook (often called a “computation book”), and keep it with you until your home is finished. Its numbered, graph-ruled pages will help you keep your thoughts organized and your sketches neat. You can use it to tape or paste in photos, list quotes, contractors, numbers, and anything else associated with the project.
  • Dedicate a couple of pages right up front to things that your house must have—whether it be 3 bathrooms or bamboo flooring, these are the things you require in your home.
  • Dedicate another page or two to list of every feature and desire you’ve culled from your various resources, and call this your “Wish List.” This could be anything from a particular shape of molding to an Italian tile bathroom.

My small house designs are catered for Filipinos living! House designs and House plans Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. The simple house design of the nipa house extends to the furnishings. The simplest nipa hut has only two long wooden or bamboo benches in the living room!

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