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These beautifully decorated rooms will inspire you to switch up your own space. Discover stylish living room design ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. From colour to decor, living room pictures. Find ideas to bring patterns, prints, colors, textures, and more design elements together to create the ultimate living room.

Choose a color scheme and style. Having a theme in mind is important when picking out new furniture so that you can achieve your desired aesthetic. You might also want to consider changing the color of your walls to match your preferences. Consider the following ideas for living room themes:

  • Warm tones. Paint your walls cucumber-green and buy yellow and orange accent pieces, which include arm chairs, throw pillows, and pieces of artwork. This color scheme creates a warm, playful environment that is both colorful and settled.
  • English country. This includes green, blue, red, or gray toile-patterned wallpaper, chintz-patterned accent pieces, shabby-chic furniture, and elegant china. Offset the splashes of color with neutral tones to avoid a living room that is too busy.
  • French country. Like English country, this style combines colorful patterns like stripes and checkers with neutral tones. Find vintage neutral-toned French-provincial pieces, and add deep red and blue accents. For a more formal look, add elegant drapes and a glass chandelier.
  • Modern/contemporary style. Modern design is very minimalist; stick with neutral tones like beige, gray, and dark brown, and choose furniture with straight lines and smooth surfaces (stay away from detailed embroidery or carvings). Try a long, L-shaped couch in beige with dark gray throw-pillows and a dark wooden rectangular coffee table.

Your living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. To make it the best it can be, House Beautiful has pulled together inspiration and ideas. Depending on your home layout, your living room can serve many different functions.


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