Modern single storey house designs review



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Paint the big picture. Now that you are getting specific about what you love and what you desire, it’s time to focus.

  • Will you prefer urban or rural living?
  • Do your needs put you in expansive home with room for the kids to play and the dogs to run, or a cozy bungalow for two?
  • Do you favor clean, modern lines or detailed, hand-built craftsmanship?
  • Are you happy with standard construction techniques, or are you considering sustainable, LEED-certified design?
  • Perhaps the most important of all considerations, what is your budget?
  • These questions will help guide you as you begin to focus your vision into actionable steps.
  • The more information that you can provide to your architect or builder about the details of your vision, the more likely you will not only get the design of your dreams, you’ll stay on budget as well.

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The home’s glass walls echo the lightness of its muse. The views of the lake, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades were carefully considered when the architects chose the orientation, materials and layout.

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