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Male Teen Fashion Trends

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 Teen Trends 2014-2015

Looking for swag outfits for teenage boys ? how to dress with swag forguys ? Mostly boys like to wear a simple t-shirt and a jeans because they feel comfortable in it. According to this trend boys and girls are using the long sleeved shirts as belts.    

How to Turn on Your Pretty Boy Swag

Care a lot about your hair and skin. Everything should look perfect on you, and everyone should know how much you care about yourself and the way you look. That’s all part of being a pretty boy!  Get haircuts regularly and shave. Buy skin cream and moisturize. Just do everything you can to keep up your clean cut appearance.

Buy cologne. This part is crucial. Outfit yourself with the best brand name fumes you can buy, such as Pony by Ralph Lauren or anything from the Axe line. Try to pick out the good ones, not the cheap stuff. You don’t want to come off looking stingy, because that doesn’t play in well to the pretty boy swag. Remember, its important for it to look like you really care about your appearance if you want to have pretty boy swag.

Try to dress well. You need name brand stuff. Everyone has his or her own style of dressing, but you should make sure that the clothes you wear are popular to some degree. You don’t want to copy others, but you want to look like you know what’s going on in the fashion world. You should dress a little more fancy that everyone else does if possible.


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