How to match the colors of your clothes?

Before we move on to discussing the color palette and which colors work best, it’s worth knowing the stylists’ guiding principle, the Golden Three technique. What is it about? Use up to 3 colors in the same style, such as gray, black and neon orange or beige, dark green and brown. Adding more rainbow tones will overwhelm your creation and make you look more like a bird of paradise than a stylish woman. The combination of up to 3 colors in styling is the golden mean, a minimalistic solution. However, this does not mean that each set will be boring and monotonous. One of the colors can be trendy orange or fiery red. However, such bright and vibrant colors require a solid base and a dull background to keep them from fading.

For example: combine a light gray melange dress with a black jacket and shoes, and your third color accent should be a red handbag on the belt.

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