How to look stylish in the Office

Someone once said that the Office needs to be dress up incredibly dull, grey and strictly. Nothing of the sort! Even if you have a dress code at work, there is always a way out of this situation without violating statutes and rules. We have chosen for you 10 good autumn images to work.

  • Pencil skirt in combination with shirt and elegant necklace will impress even your boss. What is special? In simplicity and classicism. It is pencil skirt creates a feminine and so gentle image, but at the same time, strict and no-nonsense.
  • Black pants-this whole field for creativity. In combination with a strong jacket is a great Office option. And in combination with your favorite shirt and loose tie is Daffy evening bow.
  • If the bottom of the image can be repeated, the upper hand in any case. It is important to diversify your appearance, vodolazkami koftami, shirts of different colors and materials. The main thing to keep in mind that go is still on the job, not a club, so don’t get carried away with fuksi or even worse-Leopard print.
  • Of course dress-business office dress. What else makes a woman more feminine than dress. In this case, the ideal pritalennoe dress with a small handbag. Remember to Coco Chanel and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  • Don’t forget the shoes! This is an important element in any manner. For Office fit classic pumps low heel black or flesh-colored.
  • Diversify your everyday onions can be non-standard solutions and fashionable in this season. Combine the two types of cells or different colors. Add life to your appearance, even if you are at work.
  • Pay special attention to the plissirovannuju skirt. She just won the fashion podiums this season. Selecting the appropriate length, colour and combination with top, can turn out interesting Office bow.
  • Gently and carefully pick up the color. Once you have you can always onion total it dilute the bright shoes or handbag.
  • Use the vertical stripes in their images. Always strong, confident not only will strojnit you and save you from boredom and routine.
  • Give life to your image using the outerwear. If during business hours you should look seriously, then why not look bright outside working hours.

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