How to choose an evening dress

The most important rule when choosing dresses will most likely match it to your figure, because it is everyone is different and every girl in this respect, the approach is extremely individual. It is not worth to be guided by generally accepted axioms such as: mandatory neckline or a long train. The thing is that every girl has their own strengths that it should highlight, but it also has disadvantages, which better hide. If, say, you have beautiful legs, dress can be long slit, décolleté moderate depths will open the world your beauty. 

The next important point will be the color. Of course, always in vogue such as color: black, red or gold. The big role is played by the combination of color dresses with your make-up. It is not worth doing it too bright, as well as fabric, because often the classics never gets old, but only gives a touch of elegance. Hardly a bright pink dress, embroidered large rhinestones will make you truly feminine and refined.

Fabric plays a very important role in the selection of dresses. The fact is that the best choice would be an expensive fabric, Yes, it is not necessary on this stint, because, of course, quite bright and magnificent gown of synthetics or any other cheap fabric loses dress by natural delicate silk.

And finally, tights, one should never wear thick tights under evening dress, because compacted toe, demonstrable through shoes or condensed top, visible through an incision only spoil the picture.

Never do this in haste, go to choice with seriousness and long before the event, check all several times and make sure that all the items to the most detail, combine and create a unified picture of sophistication and style, that will allow you to look better than anyone else.


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