How to choose a jacket for girls

Jacket for girls, as well as any part of her wardrobe should be chosen on the figure, and for each figure has its own nuances. I want to give you a few rules in accordance with which, you can hardly go wrong choosing a jacket worth first abandon the shapeless silhouette, this form only accentuate figure flaws, if they have. We should choose a jacket with over-ambitious belt, which is now very much in vogue, but we should not overdo it with him.

In case you are slender and tall girl is not worth to resort to buying a jacket wherever sleeve was in three quarters, they are also extremely popular, but in any case you should make allowances for your height and shape. Note that this sleeve will not tall girls or those who do not has a very slim figure. A few words about the sleeves, not worth too much abuse décor on them, because if it is too much, you risk to give your hands a significant imbalance.

About the length and number of buttons on the jacket are also worth mentioning. If you do not have high growth, not worth buying too long jackets, they only appetite of your feet, and the jacket will not have the desired look. If you don’t have model legs, you can buy a jacket with lots of buttons, this feature only visually pull legs and will make you slimmer. Also, if you have short stature, good will look large buttons or otlozhnye pockets, they will visually pull torso.

This season extremely trendy steel jackets modified a-line cut. They are well suited as miniature and high leggy girls, but with this dangerous overdo it. If you want to emphasize grace your neck or make it a visually apply collars-rack or otlozhnye round collars. It is extremely important to keep in mind about the color, because it largely depends on what you want to highlight or vice versa.

Jackets bright pastel colors such as cream, white, beige or ivory will help to give a more vivid shape too slim and high girl. At the same time, dark colors, ranging from classical black and ending with gray, able to do full girls more slender and give them a shape more sharp and clear shapes.

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