Here’s How to Get Free Promo Codes

Companies use promotional codes to get people to consider or buy whatever they are offering. These codes consist of alphanumeric strings that sellers use to induce people into buying products because of a discount. This usually ties in with their larger promotional strategy or marketing plan. The discount which is availed of may be applicable on individual products or the entire order. It is usually used for a holiday campaign. It may be a specific amount or a percentage and sometimes is for free shipping or wrapping.

How to find free promo codes
When you purchase products online, at the checkout page, the website normally asks you to enter a promotional code if you have it. This will let you score a discount or get free shipping. Users can input a code they may have got at a previous purchase or from some promotion. Another option many people use is open a new tab and do a quick google search of the items name followed by promo code. Websites like CouponCabin and RetailmeNot offer free promo codes and help you get what you want at affordable rates. Some people can also download browser plug-ins that are dedicated to getting you the best deals on online products. These plug-ins include Honey or CouponSumo.

Types of free promo codes
There are three different types of codes. These include public codes, which are available for anyone to see and utilize and are usually displayed as banner ads or social media; private codes, which companies send to a certain group of people or to a certain set of eligible customers who they may consider loyal and repeat customers or exclusive members; and Restricted codes, which are usually sent individually and can be used only once by a person. The last type of code given by the company as an apology if it messes up an order, or bungle up shipping, or if the customer has made 50 or more purchases.

Specific codes
RetailMeNot presently has several offers on the home appliances. You can get 16% off on dishwashers and refrigerators, apart from other appliances. Another offer is 25% off on Franke Apron Front Sinks, and $50 off on a washer and dryer. One promo code offers 18% off on Asko washers and another 26% off on bagged upright vacuums. Normally, you cannot enter multiple codes. Since you can enter only one, try to find which site is giving you the best discount. For other discounts, you may have to place an order for a certain minimum dollar amount to be eligible for the discount.

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