Get the Best Offers and Sales on Barbie Doll Houses


Find an ideal roommate for your kid with Barbie and her Dollhouse Collection. With each dollhouse, see your kid make up a story with their friends or by herself every day. Let her imagination go wild and bring your own childhood back with these Barbie dream houses.

Barbie Dreamhouse
Open a new world of possibilities with the Barbie Dreamhouse.

  • 3 floors, 7 rooms, 70 + accessories, and a fully functioning elevator opens a new alley imagination for your kid
  • Send Barbie up and down the elevator using an easily activated, child-friendly sliding tab
  • Collect Barbie, her family, and friends and grow the story with each member
  • The updated design comes with a colored rooftop and wrought-iron balconies and designs accented for Barbie
  • The furniture pieces are available that help decorates the space, and items from place settings to a TV remote, that helps expand realistic play
  • The entire setup is priced at $199.99 on Barbie’s official website

Barbie Club Chelsea Doll and Clubhouse
The Chelsea Clubhouse is a Barbie dollhouse comprised of two stories and lots of space to let kids go wild with their imagination.

  • Welcome your kids and their friends in a kitchen equipped with appliances that really open
  • A working elevator that takes Chelsea to the second floor, which has a platform for Chelsea and a basket for her Teddy bear
  • The furniture in this Barbie dollhouse helps expand storytelling with a dining table, two chairs, and a bed which you can arrange and rearrange
  • With smaller accessories, improve the stories to go on adventures with Chelsea
  • The entire setup is priced at $19.99 on Barbie’s official website

Barbie Club Chelsea Treehouse
Play dress up, eat cupcakes, stargaze, slide, swing and then do it all again with Chelsea and her puppy at her Treehouse.

  • The Treehouse offers five fun zones and the design is such that kids can play from all angles
  • The Treehouse sides open and close to expanding the play and the front door opens and closes
  • To hold the Chelsea doll while she swings, a swing outside has a clip and there is a pink ladder which can be moved from the front door to the inside
  • Inside, one room has a slide that flips down and another has a window that helps hold a silvery telescope for stargazing
  • A room has space for a table and two chairs where Chelsea and her puppy can play dress-up with two masks or have snacks
  • On Barbie’s official website, this entire setup is priced at $19.99