Fashion trends winter

What novelty await you this winter? Than fill up wardrobe and what are the things you get with closets? Winter  is full of surprises! Winter 2019 became a leather shearling! She has won the hearts of fashion-conscious women and put them in front of a difficult choice, because a variety of models so widely that stay on something one is not easy! This winter will be fashionable fur-aviators and short coats. These coats can be decorated with bright fur, embroidery.

Faux fur is yet another trend in the current winter. In fashion 3-d color coats of varying lengths. You can safely buy fur Leopard boots, skirt and knee socks or sweater, Leopard blouse and coat, and no doubt her attractiveness! But I want to give special attention precisely silver shiny things, after all, their relevance is not quenched for several seasons. On the contrary, it is now observed peak demand by Silver stuff. The most fashionable things can be called shiny Lurex sweaters, gilded with silver threads with interweaving or stylish silver skirts-pleated MIDI length, caps and scarves of metallic, bright and noticeable shoes: Silver ugg boots, boots, shoes, and much more!

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