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How to Look Cool in Kids’ Clothes

Find the right stores. You don’t have to buy clothes that you don’t like. Find a local kids’ clothing store and decide if it looks mature enough for you. Also, read the following if you live in the United States:

  • Shop at Abercrombie kids, Aeropostale, and Delia’s. These stores carry smalls, x smalls, and xx smalls. They also have a wide variety of styles and colors.
  • JCPenney is a MUST. They have the coolest up to date fashions and they look awesome, in the opinion of some. Their kids’ things are some of the best fashion in the store, apparently. How could you look awesome without it?
  • Shop at the Limited Too for tanks and cami shirts for layering. If you are in middle school, you might get made fun of for wearing Limited Too or Justice, because they are called “Baby Stores” by some middle school students. If you do decide to shop there, buy things that are solid colored and have a logo that is NOT prominently displayed.

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 Swag Boys

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