Fashion Guide: swimwear season 2018-2019

Sexy one piece bathing suits? The search for the perfect swimsuit does not end there. So, if this year you haven’t found your favorite Beach suit — you help our guide about what swimsuits will pay attention this summer.

We chose three of the brightest trends Beach fashion: simply choose and be confident that you’re exactly in trend.

Choose fringe, decor of large beads of natural materials, rough weaving yarns and Safari style. And don’t forget that beach ensemble is not only a swimsuit. The beach now wear large jewelry, colored shawls or tunic, which protects from the Sun and image support. As beach bags choose fashionable woven baskets and shopery of coarse linen cloth. Additional image hat with a wide brim and maximally flat jewelled sandals with thin straps.

Fashion swimsuit in sports style is a seductive model, in which you can engage and surfing. But this swimsuit would be open all your dignity and delight the eye with bright colours. Of course, the most beautiful swimwear in this style create your favorite Victoria’s Secret.

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