Fashion bags: what to choose

If you’re like many girls believe that there are never too many bags, this material be sure you enjoy! Today we tell about fashion handbags, new trends and developments. We hope our material you will inspire the search for your ideal accessory!

With bags large sizes it is possible not only to Rob a Bank, and with a good part of the right and not really things. They are on all 100% solve perennial women’s issue as to accommodate all. And year by year, the size of the bags all increased, and what seemed great yesterday, today is already standard. So many famous designers presented their collections in gipersize bags. As far as they are huge, can tell from the photo, but the fact that they look super not argue no one!

Lost none of its popularity in the new season and backpacks. Their shape, materials and textures change all the time, from textiles to the skin, from matte to bright skin self-colored lacquer options. Today, there is no clear instruction on-what is fashionable and what is not. You can choose a small decorative youth backpack and more classic practical, roomy option.

Transparent plastic is another trend of the season. It is also present in shoes, clothing, and accessories. So, putting on boots or ankle boots, transparent plastic coats, raincoat and taking with him the same handbag, you won’t be left unnoticed!

Bags, made in the shape of a saddle back in fashion! Popular colors are all shades of Brown, as well as Bordeaux. After all, the main principle is the imitation of this saddle!

Bags-boxes or bags of rectangular shape is a notable accessory that will be the focus of your image. They have pronounced a rectangular or square shape with sharp corners. Medium-sized options are useful for travel.

Bags with built-in tracking sensors. Using GPS navigation and special applications you will always know where is your bag, and it is an excellent protection against theft. With this technology is hidden from prying eyes, because the chip sewn into the inner surface of the bag.

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