Fall / Winter Color Trends review


Fall / Winter 2016-2017 Color Inspirations:

Fashion Snoops’ F/W 2016-17 Color Forecast is amazing, as always! Fashion forecast of color, texture and shape for the season. Six key palettes are identified. Terrain, saturated earth colors makes the most influential mark, notably due to the comeback of brown tones. Frontier neutrals are notably darker than before. Impulse offers a vibrant palette of brights. Mystery offers jewel tones, with burgundy and cyan at the forefront. See more about trend council, color trends and color fashion.

“The world has become an increasingly polarized place.” As Pantone’s Laurie Pressman notes, on the one side are aspects which almost fade into anonymity, while the other has a strong, stand-out-and-be-seen attitude. Reveal, the Pantone rallying cry of the season, embraces the dichotomy, presenting eight color trend boards, complete with surface, material and RTW visuals for the men’s and womenswear markets. An inspirational report!

Design houses across the globe are already busy predicting the trends for fall & winters of 2016-17. Reflecting our optimistic feelings about the future. In combination with the defined trend colors and five more detailed textile trends, these mega trends provide a good. After the Trend Council (forecasting service that provides valuablecolor and trend information for fashion industry) has announced its Forecast.

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Trends & Inspiration F/W 2015 – 2016


Fall 2015 Color Trends

Starting with the fall/ winter 2015 color trends, we may talk about certain shades, Trendy Colors Fall Winter 2015.

The fall/winter 2015-2016 fashion shows are officially over, having taken us from New York to London, Milan to Paris, in that order. We saw some of the most magnificent pieces displayed on the runway, along with some of the craziest styles. We also paid very close attention to the fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends as presented, often a little too dark for our tastes but nonetheless generally perfectly chic in designs and color combinations.

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