Discover Bvlgari Christmas Campaign. This unique design will delight everyone

Discover Bvlgari Christmas Campaign.  This unique design will delight everyone

Discover Bvlgari Christmas Campaign. This unique design will delight everyone

During the holiday season 2021, the Bulgari brand presented its classic, iconic snake pattern in a completely new version. This unique Christmas campaign refers to the magical night sky, sparkling with stars and sparkling with New Year’s fireworks.

Table of contents

  1. The remarkable legacy of the Bvlgari brand
  2. Bvlgari Christmas Campaign – #MoreThanAWish
  3. Bvlgari clock as a Christmas present
  1. Serpenti Seduttori watch from Bvlgari
  2. Serpenti Tuboga’s watch from Bvlgari

The remarkable legacy of the Bvlgari brand

It all started in 1884, when a Greek goldsmith, Sotirios Voulgaris, known by the Italians as Sotirio Bulgari, opened his shop with gold and antiques on Via Sistina in Rome, known for his extremely precise, masterful work in silver, inspired by plants and Byzantine art. More than 20 years later, in 1905, the Sotirio Bulgari store in Via Sistina moves to the area of ​​the famous Spanish Steps on Via Condotti. Bulgaria’s small shop will soon be a beloved shop of international stars, and Bulgari himself, with the help of his two sons, will create a legendary brand that today is synonymous with real luxury. Incredible talent, hard work and a unique sense made Sotirio Bulgari fulfill his big dream.

The new Christmas campaign for the Bvlgari brand included model Blesnya Minher from Angola.
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Bvlgari Christmas Campaign – #MoreThanAWish

This year, his brand also invites us to fulfill our innermost desires. The motto for Bvlgari’s new Christmas campaign 2021 is More than a showh (or “More than a wish”) and encourages us to look more boldly at the stars this winter, but also throughout the year, reach for our dreams with even greater boldness and say them out loud!

In the new campaign, the Bvlgari brand also encourages us to slow down in the coming holiday season, celebrate beautiful moments together and see the magic in what surrounds us, in these small, not just festive, details that add flavor to life. With your mice, Vittoria Ceretti and Blesnya Minher, invites us to its dazzling, energetic, elegant, festive world. So in the new campaign, we are waiting for even more joy, even more brilliance and excitement.

Vittoria Ceretti, the mouse of the Bvlgari brand in the new 2021 Christmas campaign.
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Bvlgari clock as a Christmas present

In the Christmas campaign for the Bvlgari brand, our attention is especially drawn to dazzling bells. We know at least a few reasons to give such a gift to your loved ones (or yourself) as a Christmas tree. But before we go down to them, let’s deal with a certain superstition that a watch is not a good gift idea. This myth came to us a long time ago from distant China. Today, hardly anyone believes in this superstition, without the support of any theory. Today, a good watch is above all a valuable, timeless gift for many years, a great addition to styling and a gift that not only suits everyone, but also reminds the recipient of us. A watch is also a perfect gift at the end of the year, when we think mostly about the passage of time and think about dreams and plans for the future.

It is especially a great gift if the watch was created by a jewelry master that the Bvlgari brand has long been known for. The fashion house Bvlgari has proven more than once that they can wear jewelry like no other. There is a reason why it is considered one of the best brands in the world. Behind every Bvlgari watch that you can give as a gift to yourself or someone you love, there is “more than just a wish”. It is a story of infinite inspiration, the joy of Italian life and the constant pursuit of perfection. It is a dream come true to make jewelry that impresses with every detail.

Serpenti Seduttori watch from Bvlgari

See Serpenti Seduttori Bvlgari is a gift that is guaranteed to make a big impression on the recipient and make them very happy. An interesting fact is the unusual shape of the watch case, which looks like … a snake head. Where does this inspiration come from? “Serpenti” means “snake” in Italian, and the snake itself has been a symbol of Bvlgari for many years. A symbol that designers of the brand interpret over and over again. Serpenti Seduttori it blends with a combination of steel and 18 carat gold, and diamonds built around the dial give it extraordinary charm. It’s worth adding to your Christmas wish list!

The Serpenti Seduttori watch is one of the most recognizable women’s watches from Bvlgari.
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Serpenti Tuboga’s watch from Bvlgari

The skills of designers and craftsmen who create for the Bvlgari brand are part of the Italian school of jewelry design, which to this day creates the biggest trends around the world. Another proof of jewelry craftsmanship and perfection of watchmaking can also be found in another iconic watch – Serpenti Tubogas. There is another fascinating incarnation of the mark symbol, the serpent. Liquid, serpentine forms are combined here with elegance, a timeless, modern style, which, even after half a century, is still in trend. It is decorated with very carefully made details, and the “serpentine”, the winding bracelet attracts special attention.

The Serpenti Tubogas bell with its shape refers to a snake – the symbol of the Bvlgari mark.
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Celebrate all the beautiful moments that will come by giving your loved one a watch Serpenti Tubogas. It consists of an enchanting 18K pink gold frame set with sparkling diamonds, which complements the watch’s iconic spiral.

The diamond-studded Serpenti Tubogas watch combines class, subtlety and a pinch of extravagance.
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