Detox facial benefits

Every day, your skin has to go through a tough match against exhaust fumes, makeup, sweat and dirt. If the skin is not well cleansed, the following products, such as serums and creams, may not work as they should. In addition, the skin breathes better and has an easier time absorbing oxygen if it is clean. In the past, cleaning has been associated with makeup removal, but today the products are so much more. They work on luster, uneven pigmentation, signs of aging or acne. Which routines are most important?

Do I have to wash my face in the morning?

  • The skin feels good from minimal cleansing in the morning. Especially if you have dry skin. However, there are benefits to washing your face as part of your morning routine. During the night, the skin has got rid of slag, which you should remove before lubricating the face.

Do I need to use toner?

  • Toner usually does not have the same function as they had when they first appeared on the market. Then it was often a matter of them acting as a final cleansing step and neutralizing the skin’s pH value. Today, they still have a neutralizing effect, but today’s toner is caring, adds antioxidants to the skin and prepares it for serums and creams.

>>>detox facial benefits<<<

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