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Making Lots of Friends

Join a handful of organizations. Being cool isn’t just about being popular, it’s about being known. And what’s the easiest way to get your name and your face recognized? By joining groups at school, of course. Try to join a few that don’t overlap – that way you’ll meet the most people and have a wide variety of interests.

  • Try to join one of every kind of activity: one athletic, one academic, and one artistic. You could be on the basketball team, on the school newspaper, and in choir. It’ll look good on your college resume, too.

Observe. Try to identify who’s where on the “social ladder.” It’s not that big of a deal (being cool is about being liked, which is different than being popular), but it will help you know how to identify with people. What are the cool kids like? Are they jocks, are they smart, are they rebels? How about the mid-crowd? Do they follow along or sort of do their own thing? And the lowest tier, what about them? With whom in which groups do you want to be friends with? It’s a good idea to be friends with people on all rungs of the ladder – you never know where you’ll end up.

  • If you do want to be popular, it’s a good idea to befriend one of the nicer popular people; they’ll be your ticket into “the group.” Just make sure you don’t abuse people on your way up. Sometimes friends don’t work out, and then the rejects won’t even want you later when you need a friend

Be friendly with everyone. Again, being cool doesn’t necessarily mean you’re popular. There are plenty of “popular” kids that are mean and not actually liked. Being one of them won’t get you anywhere. Instead, aim to be popular and cool by having people legitimately like you. To do that, just be friendly and nice to everyone you meet. Why would you do anything else, right?

  • You probably have a pretty good grip on how to be friendly. The only thing to keep in mind is to be friendly to those people that you think aren’t cool. Give them help when you sense they need it. Say hi in the hallways if you know them. You never know – they could be the next cool kid in a few months’ time.

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