Céline Dion cancels the tour. The famous diva has serious health problems

Céline Dion made a disturbing statement. A mysterious illness prevents her from appearing on stage. Details about the singer’s health were revealed by her sister …

What’s up with Céline Dion? The star first delayed her planned stay in Las Vegas for October, and now canceled a dozen concerts held in the United States and Canada in March and April. In the artist’s statement published on Instagram, we can read:

I was hoping to be in shape now, but it seems I need to be more patient and follow the doctors’ recommendations. Our show requires a lot of organization and preparation, and we had to make decisions today that will affect our plans in two months. I’m so happy. When I am fully recovered and we are all a pandemic behind us, I look forward to returning to the stage, wrote Céline Dion.

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As one might expect, the star’s statement triggered an avalanche of guesswork. The media has long been interested in the health of the ethereal singer, suggests that Céline Dion suffers from anorexia. In 2019, these guesses seemed very likely … It was then, during Paris Fashion Week, that Dion presented to the world his new style and exceptionally slim figure.

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For several weeks, the star’s disturbing appearance was widely commented on by journalists and fans. In fact, Céline Dion’s protruding collarbones, lean shoulders, and visible ribs were hard to ignore. At the time, Diva assured during an interview with ABC News that she was fine: – It is true that I am a little thinner. But it’s okay, nothing bad happens to me. Its exceptional Dion’s slender figure was explained by … ballet lessons. – I train four times a week. People say “she’s much thinner”, but I work hard. I like to move and losing weight is a consequence of that.

The information about the cancellation of some of the performances, which were to take place during the “Courage” tour, surprised and worried the star’s fans. Especially since Céline Dion’s statement is quite enigmatic, but the rumors about her health are alarming. Already in October last year, there were reports of “Muscle spasms” that would prevent Dion from functioning normally. That was when the singer’s big sister, Claudette Dion, explained: – She (edited by Céline Dion) she told me that the scene she is in has a pretty steep fall and this is a problem for her muscles, legs and feet.

Polish fans of Céline Dion still hope that the star will recover and the concerts scheduled for June in Łódź and Krakow will take place as planned.

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