CCC, Sprandi and Young Leosia support the girls!

The young rapper embarks on an intergalactic journey to support the girls on earth. To support this mission, the brands decided to donate PLN 50,000 to the Inspiring Girls Polska Foundation.

CCC and Sprandi send Young Leosia into space for an extraterrestrial conference with the Inspiring Girls Foundation. Its task is to inspire girls to be the leaders of the future – to express and fulfill their dreams and ambitions boldly and in harmony with each other, and shape the world around them. The foundation actively supports girls in realizing their passions and increasing their self-confidence by setting inspiring role models. Inspiring Girls also works to overcome limiting stereotypes and level out educational opportunities, and shape the competence of the future. CCC and Sprandi share these values, and therefore they decided to support the foundation’s account with PLN 50,000.


Young Leosia even helped choose the foundation, for whom the mission of Inspiring Girls is extremely close – in the end she became the most popular Polish girl rapper, on the music scene dominated by boys.


As a girl, I lived my dreams, I watched Rihanna and other strong girls on stage and that was my goal – remembers Young Leosia in an interview with the Going portal. MORE. I’m very lucky because now I’m making my dreams come true – I’re performing and playing concerts. If now I can also realistically help other girls to make their dreams come true, for example by supporting campaigns such as Mission Young Leosia x Sprandi, where CCC donates to Inspiring Girls Polska, thanks to the foundation will be able to reach more girls with their activities , then I think it’s worth doing.


The charity action is accompanied by a photo shoot of Young Leosia, in which she plays the role of an astronaut. The young rapper caught in the lens of Zuza Krajewska will be an example of how girls can be who they want to do, do their dream jobs, break even the most popular beliefs and stereotypes. A walk in cosmonaut costume to the Copernicus monument or a ride in a limousine with a platinum record should symbolize that girls can achieve the most spectacular successes and do great things even in areas dominated by men. In the session, Young Leosia presents products from the latest Sprandi capsule – Universe.


This is a big step by CCC and Sprandi in building awareness among the young generation. Brands are convinced that this is just the beginning of a common path towards education, support and breaking stereotypes.

Sprandi Universe capsule products are available in CCC stationary stores, at and in the brand’s application.


Photographer: Zuza Krajewska

Assistant photographer: Antoni Becker

Styling: Zofia Komasa

Makeup: Staś Wołosz

Hairstyles: Szymon Balcewicz

Set design: Anna Szczęsna

CCC Brand Manager | Sprandi: Joanna Nowak

Art Direction CCC: Maria Mastalerz and Justyna Purzycka

Creative concept: Ireneusz Różański

Executive producer of Going: Tomasz Lisek

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