The latest edition of the Gym Hard collection was made for yoga and stretching enthusiasts. Sportswear excels with a simple design, thanks to the fact that they will work well on different types of figures. The Sinsay Gym Hard line was born in response to the needs of active girls looking for sportswear and accessories at attractive prices. The latest version was inspired by yoga and stretching, but it will also work in many other disciplines.

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Yoga and stretching clothes

The basis of the collection are high-waisted leggings, spacious sweatshirts and various top styles: from the version with straps to models with short or long sleeves. It is all kept in carefully selected shades of dusty pink, green and black, which will make it easier to compose your dream set. The clothes are made of skin-friendly, flexible materials that will ensure comfort during training. Despite the simple design, there are also decorative accents, such as carvings on the back.

Yoga clothes

The collection of clothes under the Gym Hard banner is complemented by a selection of practical sports accessories. New items include water bottles, exercise mats and yoga wheels. The accessories are designed to match the aesthetics and colors of the collection. Hard-wearing clothing and accessories are now available in select Sinsay stores and at

Yoga clothes