7 Popular Tonka Toys for Kids

Tonka is one of the leading creator and manufacturer of toy trucks for kids. Known for their innovative and fun designs, Tonka toys make for perfect playthings for younger kids. These toys are available across various offline stores as well as through online retailers. Here are some of the most popular Tonka toys for kids.

  • Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck: This Tonka toy dump truck is built for shipping. It is a freewheeling truck with a working dump bed. It is perfect for kids who want to build stories and characters around ports, seas, and oceans. This classic yellow colored, sturdy steel vehicle is for the toughest loading jobs. This truck has a trigger to move the bed up and down for loading and unloading actions. It is made of steel and is guaranteed for life.
  • Tonka Steel Trencher Vehicle: This Tonka toy vehicle is built with a tough and robust steel construction. This vehicle helps kids pretend-play various tasks using features such as movable scoop and a dump bucket. Tonka gives a lifetime guarantee for this fun and sturdy Tonka toy vehicle.

  • Tonka Steel Bulldozer Vehicle: This toy bulldozer From Tonka can bulldoze and clear anything in its path. It can move sand, dirt, or any other objects with the movable blade. It has a dashing, classy look in yellow. It has a steel body and has a guarantee for lifetime.
  • Tonka Steel Grader Vehicle: Tonka has built this Grader vehicle with strong steel. Kids can use this to perform various tasks during play. A significant feature of this vehicle is that it has a movable road grading blade which it can help to build any road.
  • Tonka Steel Retro Tow Truck: This Tonka toy is designed to lift and tow. This truck has a four-position lift and strong, big tires, which helps the driver to perform well. This towing truck has a freewheeling feature and a strong steel construction.

Tonka 93931 Classic Steel Backhoe Vehicle

  • Tonka Classic Steel Trencher: This vehicle is specially designed for digging and dumping. This classic steel trencher is built with Tonka’s tough styling technique. It is made of real steel with guaranteed life. Kids can use a backhoe to dig a trench, then scoop and dump the load in the working bucket. Kids can enjoy digging and dumping pretend-paly jobs with this toy.
  • Tonka Front End Loader Vehicle: This Tonka toy is built to perform the toughest construction jobs. It can move sand, rocks, and dirt from one construction site to another with the help of the front loader. It has special features such as a movable plastic bucket. Also, it has a steel body. This toy truck is for kids of age 3 years and above.

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