5 Popular Toys for Boys From Target

Target is one of the leading stores to stock toys with a wide range of choices and collections from various brands across every age and gender. In every Target store, you will find learning toys, specialty toys, riding toys, games and puzzles, stuffed animals, plush toys, remote-controlled toys and so on. Whether you are looking for toys and merchandise from Disney, LEGO, Pokemon, Star Wars, Shopkins, Transformers, or Trolls, you will get everything.

Here are five popular Target toys for boys.

  • LEGO City Great Vehicles Pizza Van 60150 Construction Toy: This toy pizza van is for boys from 5 years to 12 years. This toy is made of plastic and is lightweight. It develops creative thinking and imagination skills. City Great Vehicles Pizza Van includes a van, scooter, and buildable table. This toy also includes two mini figures of a chef and a customer. Also, it includes accessory elements such as a pizza box, full pizza, pizza slice, and some French fries.
  • LEGO Super Heroes Marvel Avengers Thanos, Ultimate Battle 76107: This is one of the most-selling Target toys for boys. With this building kit, kids can recreate thrilling scenes from the Avengers movie. This toy is suitable for boys from 8 years to 14 years. It includes three mini-figures of Star-Lord, Iron Man, Gamora, and one big figure of Thanos. This toy comes with an instruction book that makes assembling easy and quick. It is made of durable plastic and includes 674 pieces. This assembly toy helps to creative and logical thinking along with developing strong concentration ability.
  • Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Building Blocks: This Target toy for boys includes 70 building blocks to building various locations of the island of Sodor. Kids can build and rebuild in different ways for a new story every time. It improves logical thinking and motor skills; this toy is suitable for boys between 1 year and 5 years.
  • LEGO City Police Station 60141: This building kit includes three section police stations, a police pursuit car, police motorbike, police helicopter, and cook truck. Each of these comes with special features. A police station has two jail cells, a rooftop helipad, searchlights, ramps, satellite dish, watchtower, overhead walkway, three offices, and a barrier gate. This toy includes seven mini figures including four police officers with three crooks and one police dog figure. This game improves creativity and logical thinking. It is recommended for boys between 6 years and 12 years.
  • Transformer Last Knight Mega 1-Step Turbo Changer Dragonstorm: This Target toy for boys includes one turbo changer Dragonstorm figure which can change form in one easy mega step. This toy transforms between a knight mode and a dragon mode. It includes flapping wings and more than 20 sounds and phrases. It is suitable for boys of 5 years and above.

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