2D game concept art work

2D game concept art is a form of illustration, the purpose of which is to express your own vision, idea and mood of a project. Among other things, it has to do with design, the automotive industry, the film industry, the world of computer games … These days pop culture projects are team enterprises, and concept artists occupy an extremely important place in these teams. Although we do not interact directly with their work in the final product.
How important is concept art in creating computer games? Essential for those interested in game development, they know very well that without a well-coordinated team of concept artists, it is impossible to create an inspiring and cohesive product. 2D artists give visual form and concrete expression to the ideas of the creators of the game, create its aesthetic elegance, choose the details of buildings, style of armor and the appearance of characters so that 3D artists can, based on the selected illustrations, create appropriate models that will be placed in the game world … It is a tedious process that requires work and imagination.

Everyone would like to work right away in the most creative position, and not embody someone else’s vision – which is why the concept artist seems to be such an attractive job. Concept art careers in the gaming industry are completely different, however, so keep that in mind.


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